We have a number of very important open Board positions that need to be filled in order to keep the Club active and bring you great events to maximize your membership benefits. Below is a description of each position available. To apply or for more information, please email Marianne at

Publicity Chair

The Publicity Chair is responsible for maintaining the calendars of events for the Club and industry organizations, generating advertisements and press releases, and keeping the bulletin Board updated. The Publicity Chair will also work with instructors, students, and the community to coordinate exhibits in the display cases.

Scope of position:

  • Organize a Publicity Committee
  • Work with Activities Chair to create advertisements for events
  • Submit advertisements to Web Chair to be posted on Club Web Site
  • Create posters for Club and industry organization’s events
  • Attend IDC Board meetings if requested to give a report

Scholarship and Competitions Chair

The Scholarships and Competitions Chair is responsible for driving and coordinating the Club’s scholarship program.  The Chair communicates with other organizations needed to coordinate for collection and selection of scholarship submissions and must maintain an accurate scholarship reporting. The Scholarship/Competition Chair is responsible for keeping students up to date regarding current contests, scholarships, and other similar opportunities within the design community.

Scope of position:

  • Maintain and make available to members a list of Club and industry organization competitions
  • Coordinate with Publicity Chair to advertise competitions
  • Maintain history of Club scholarship awards
  • In cooperation with the Activities Chair, researches and initiates fund-raising opportunities to replenish Club scholarship fund
  • Coordinate with Publicity Chair to make sure scholarship fund-raising events are publicized to the regional community
  • Create a Scholarships and Competitions Committee, if necessary

Website Chair

The website chair is responsible for updating and maintaining the Club website as needed to ensure its reliability as an essential resource for the Club and department. This position will require digital media, or some web-based skills.

Scope of position:

  • Update Board member bios and contact information
  • Update archives
  • Post content as requested by Board members
  • Scan website for obsolete content
  • Attend Club Board meetings when asked to give a report.

All Board Members Are Required To

  • Represent WVCIDC in an ethical and professional manner
  • Be generally supportive to other Board members and Club members
  • Be active in promoting the Club to classmates and instructors
  • Attend Board meetings as stipulated in position description
  • If applicable, written reports are required of every position to be submitted to the President, Vice President, and Secretary 3 days prior to every Board meeting.
  • Participate as a volunteer in at least two (2) primary Club events
  • Participate as a volunteer in at least two (2) secondary Club events
  • Create/ Continue to update the position portfolio (Binder) for the duration of occupying that position.
  • The Board communicates primarily through emails.  Therefore, prompt responses are required. Prompt shall be defined as a period of 3 business days.

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