Certificate Requirements

When you register for a program at West Valley College, your requirements for graduation that program are based on the catalog you entered in on.  However, if you took either Fall or Spring semester (or any year) off of school, then when you re-enroll, your requirements are based on that year’s catalog. For instance, if you entered the Interior Design program in Spring 2007, and stayed with it through Fall 2010, and were looking to graduate, the requirements you need to meet are based in the 2006/2007 academic year catalog.  If instead you took a full semester (Fall or Spring) break after Fall 2009 and re-enrolled in Fall 2010, your graduation requirements are based on the 2010/2011 academic year catalog. Be sure to pay close attention to your graduation requirements as the program has changed over the years, and more changes are pending. Please see below for catalogs dating back to 1999.  If for some reason this page hasn’t been updated, the West Valley College website graciously stores catalog archives.

2014-2015_WVC_Catalog pages 121-22

2013-2014_WVC_Catalog pages 106-7

2012-2013_WVC_Catalog pages 107-8

2011-2012_WVC_Catalog pages 111-112

The 2010-2011 Catalog is not available in PDF format, but is available via login at the westvalley.edu website, or you can contact the Counseling Office.

2009-2010_WVC_Catalog pages 115-116

2008-2009_WVC_Catalog pages 113-114

2007-2008_WVC_Catalog pages 115-116

2006-2007_WVC_Catalog pages 115-116

2005-2006_WVC_Catalog pages 114-115

2004-2005_WVC_Catalog pages 112-113

2003-2004_WVC_Catalog pages 111-112

2002-2003_WVC_Catalog page 123

2001-2002_WVC_Catalog pages 28-29

2000-2001_WVC_Catalog page 29

1999-2000_WVC_Catalog page 29